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Deadwrites is a blog devoted to writing! You’ll find all sorts of information here in blog form, anything from writing prompts (or challenges!) to posts about industry-specific details. Feel free to leave feedback or ask questions whenever you like, either here or via our ‘Contact Us’ form (currently under construction).

I also hope to get some YouTube videos up and running. Watch for that! If I do videos, each will be on a specific topic with examples and different techniques to try. It ought to be fun!

So, speaking of writing prompts and challenges, let’s do one now!

Here are the rules: When I do writing prompts here and on twitter, I’ll post a strange picture, and it will be your job to either come up with a mini-story within the limitations of twitter, come up with an introductory line (better known as a hook), or post a story on this blog – let’s say flash fiction, maybe 1,000 words or less. You keep the rights to this small story, of course, should you choose to write one, and you can delete it or publish it or burn it – whatever you want to do! Another option is to write an entire short story based off of the picture and send it out for publication with us or with someone else! Not a bad idea, eh?

Let’s get to it! Here is your first picture:

Think you have what it takes? Let’s see!

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