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deadlights horror fiction magazine

Strange Stories Magazine

Vol. 1 No. 1

strange stories magazine

vol. 1 no. 2

Cover 3
Cover July 03
Prelim Cover

Our First Issue


Brian Knight, N.D. Coley, Colleen Anderson, Mason Morgan, Nolcha Fox, Les Bohem, Renee Miller, Kurt Newton, Aaron Fox-Learner, A.E. Peters, Emily Jira, K.A. Morris, Quinn Cunningham, Joyce Frohn, Brian J. Smith, and Robert Perez. Articles by Mark Sieber, James Newman, and Mark Hennion. Interview with B. Harrison Smith. 


Shawn Langley works for Upper Deck and Marvel as an artist, but that’s not all he does. He draws some of the creepiest horror art we’ve ever seen, and he is responsible for the wonderful cover are you see here! 

Follow him on twitter and check out the prints he has for sale!

Reboot Issue


Fiction by: Matthew Standiford, Michael Carter, Ian Bain, Christopher Powers, Ron Clinton, Cody Diagle-Orians, G.A. Miller, John Bender, and Brodie Lowe!


Collecting The Macabre: 30 Years of Pursuing Books of Wickedness & Wonder by Ron Clinton

‘Zisi’s B-Movie Reviews!’ By Christopher Zisi

End Notes by DMW