Deadlights Horror Fiction Magazine is our flagship magazine, focusing exclusively on horror stories. Stories include Psychological Horror (think abnormal psychology), Metaphorical Horror (think Vampires etc.), and Strange Horror (a catch-all for anything from Bizarro to a well-crafted gross-out piece). Some stories do not fit within our analysis of horror fiction, and we like those stories, too!

This magazine is not a theme magazine. We are not trying to create an atmosphere or a ‘scene’ within our publication. We are interested in providing a survey, a sampler, if you will, of all corners of the horror genre that we are able to reach. So, send that story or poem in, even if you aren’t sure! There’s a good chance you’ll fit in.

Here’s what we are looking for in the future:

  • A Psychological Horror Tale
  • A Metaphorical Horror Tale (Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts etc.)
  • A Fantastic Horror Tale (Ambiguity at the center of the story that creates a horrific effect, etc.)
  • Special Story: A Sci-Fi Horror Tale (a mixture of sci-fi and horror, horror being the underlying theme, etc. – not zombies in space, but horror based on a situation involving science!)

In the past, we’ve received a large number of submissions. Make sure to follow our submission instructions in order to stay competitive!

*Remember – Horror Fiction Only!*

Publish Date(s): TBA (2019)

Submission Deadline: Currently Closed

If you’d like to submit to Deadlights, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Words: Between 500 and 3,000 words, firm.
  • Payment: TBA
  • Content Restrictions: No rape, torture porn, erotica, or pure gross-out stories (in other words, we don’t want stories about the fierce struggle and conflict involved with the nasty business you completed in the bathroom this morning). Tropes and Clichés are welcome as long as they are fun!
  • Rights: We reserve the right to publish your story and maintain it for free on our website (and Amazon via Kindle) – that said, the rights revert to you immediately upon publication. As a curtesy, we ask that you wait six weeks before publishing it elsewhere, but you are not bound by our ‘pretty-please’ request.
  • Format: Please See Below!

  • Email Guidelines:
    • Include a brief bio (emphasis on brief) in the body of your email
    • Attach Document – no ‘in-the-body’ manuscripts
    • In subject line, write: Story Title_Word Count_One of Four Stories (Example: OneCreepyGraveyard_1,000_Psychological Horror
      • Psychological Horror
      • Metaphorical Horror
      • Fantastic Horror
      • Special Horror
    • One submission at a time – no simultaneous subs
    • No Reprints
  • Send to: deadlightsmag (at) gmail (dot) com


  • Please follow the directions on this page! Submissions sent without regard to the submissions policy will be answered with a ‘Whoops, Try Again’ email.
  • If you’re under 18, say so in your submission! We publish a ‘The Future of Fear’ short story once an issue.
  • This publication reserves the right to rescind an offer to publish due to creative differences (this usually happens when an author does not act professionally – rare, but it does happen, so please put your best foot forward, loosen up, and have some fun).

Privacy Policy:

  • We don’t share or sell your information.
  • We keep the original email you send (with your story attached) in labeled folders, such as: ‘accepted’ with the date of the publication that your story is appearing in, an ‘editing’ folder, a ‘considering’ folder, or a ‘rejection’ folder (which helps us track who sent what and when – this way, we’re not confused and neither are you).
  • You are not signed up to an email list or a newsletter.
  • If your work is accepted, you may be contacted in the future for opportunities with DEADLIGHTS, but otherwise you won’t be bothered.