Strange Stories #1 Digital Bundle!


July / August 2018

The First Shotgun Strange Stories Magazine Issue – it’s come HACK to us, folks!

Fiction by: Matthew Standiford, Michael Carter, Ian Bain, Christopher Powers, Ron Clinton, Cody Diagle-Orians, G.A. Miller, John Bender, and Brodie Lowe!


Collecting The Macabre: 30 Years of Pursuing Books of Wickedness & Wonder by Ron Clinton

‘Zisi’s B-Movie Reviews!’ By Christopher Zisi

ALSO! Extras to DIE for!

Please see the ‘description’ below for more information on the digital issue(s)!



Thank you for considering Digital Copies of Strange Stories!

For sale: Volume #1 Issue #1

What you’ll receive:

  • A .PDF copy – set just as it is for print, complete with color and art! This is best for those that want to see the entire print copy, but don’t want to purchase a print copy due to shipping costs.
  • A .mobi copy – works best with Amazon’s Kindle. This file contains the cover and all text, but not the interior art. This is best for reading the stories and articles at your leisure.*
  • A .azw3 copy – works best with newer Amazon products. This file contains the cover and all text, but not the interior art.*
  • A .epub copy – works best with all other forms of E-Readers. It is easily converted to other file formats using a file converter. This is used by Nook, among others!*

*Please note that these files do not contain the story by G.A. Miller, as that story was exclusive to the print copy. To read G.A. Miller’s story, The Widow’s Waltz, please refer to the .PDF copy.

How it works: When you purchase the bundle, a ticket is sent in to our software. That ticket includes your email address (please don’t forget to enter it while purchasing!). We’ll respond to the ticket with an email containing the files purchased. Once that email is sent, you should receive a follow up email that says that your order is completed.

This transaction should take place same-day. If any issue comes up along the way, don’t hesitate to get ahold of us. We are looking into adding a service where this process is an instant download, but until we figure that out, we’ll do it the new-old-fashioned way.

Thank you for your support!

How To:

How to send the .mobi and .azw3 file to your Kindle:

How to send the .epub to your Nook:

To transfer files from your personal computer to your NOOK Tablet, do this:

  1. Save the .ePub eBook file you have purchased to a folder on your computer (perhaps to your desktop or in a folder called “eBooks”).
  2. Connect the Nook to your computer with the included USB cable.
  3. Open “My Computer” on Windows or look at the desktop on your Mac. Nook will show as a drive where the hard drive and other USB drives show. Double-click on the Nook drive to open it.
  4. In another window, open the folder where you saved the ePub eBook file you want to load onto your Nook.
  5. Now drag & drop the .ePub eBook file(s) from your computer to the root of the Nook, or to the “My Documents” folder.
  6. After the files are finished transferring to the Nook and before you unplug the USB cable, you must eject the device from the computer. Removing the USB cable before doing this can potentially damage your eBooks and/or the Nook. Simply right-click on the Nook drive and select the undock, eject, or unmount option.