Deadlights Horror Fiction Magazine 2017


Deadlights Horror Fiction Magazine 2017

Deadlights is a slick magazine (gloss pages), in full color, with all original fiction and non-fiction. We even have horror comics! The original list price was $15 – it’s currently on sale for $10!


Featuring the short story ‘The Final Girl’ by Brian Knight

Cover Art by Shawn Langley (header art by Shawn Langley, Ben Bova, & 43S)

Fiction & Poetry by: N.D. Coley, Mason Morgan, Colleen Anderson, Nolcha Fox, Les Bohem, Renee Miller, Kurt Newton, Aaron Fox-Learner, A.E. Peters, Emily Jira, K.A. Morris, Quinn Cunningham, Joyce Frohn, Brian J. Smith, & Robert Perez

Horror Comics: Brain Baugh

Interview with Harrison Smith

Non-Fiction by: Jeff Dosser, James Newman, Mark Sieber, Mark Hennion, & David M. Wilson

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